REVIEW – Art Asia Miami 2011 concludes with strong sales

Art Asia Miami 2011ART ASIA Miami 2011, the premier International Asian art fair, successfully concluded its fourth edition on December 4th, 2011 with strong sales and attendance. ART ASIA attracted over 30,000 visitors and VIP guests all through its six-day run. With impressive international newcomer galleries joining, it was an exceptional showcase of art from diverse Asian regions including East Asia, South East Asia, India, and Middle East.

ART ASIA Presents was proud to showcase five special projects. Highlights of the series were Mu Ban Shui Yin, world premiere water-based woodblock prints of Fang Lijun, co-produced by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts (New York, USA) and PACE Prints (New York, USA); Emerging Voices from Iran and Iranian Diaspora, with artists Soody Shafir, Hadieh Shafie, Aghighi Bakhshayesh, Maryam Ashkanian, Asad Faulwell, Sissi Farassat, curated by Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Zurich, Switzerland); and Laurens Tan's Happy Toy, curated by Tally Beck Contemporary (Bangkok, Thailand/New York, USA).

Newcomer galleries included AiBo Fine Asian Art (Rye, NY, USA/Hanoi, Vietnam), Crimson Gate (Miami, FL, USA), FEAST Projects (Hong Kong), Galerie Ora-Ora (Honk Kong), KIMJAESUN Gallery (Busan, Korea), Tally Beck Contemporary (New York, USA/Bangkok, Thailand), and Zadok Gallery (Miami, FL, USA).

For this year, collectors showed especially strong interest in South East Asian art and galleries. AiBo Fine Asian Art, Tally Beck Contemporary, and Karin Weber Gallery reported exceptionally triumphant sales. Glenn Aber of AiBo Fine Asian Art stated, "AiBo Fine Asian Art had an extremely successful week at Art Asia Miami. There were large numbers of knowledgeable collectors who attended the fair and who were impressed by the quality of our Vietnamese art on display and decided to add them to their own private collections."

"Art Asia exceeded our expectations and helped to broaden the continuously expanding global awareness of artist Liu Bolin. With over forty-five Liu Bolin works sold, and approximately 10 museum inquiries, we left the fair extremely satisfied," remarked Eli Klein of Eli Klein Fine Art.

Exhibitors reported steady and successful sales at ART ASIA Miami 2011. Galerie GAIA has been with Art Asia for four years since its first edition in 2008. For 2011, they did exceptionally and "sold 6 pieces of Yoo, Sun-Tai's paintings", commented Helen Youn.

Noteworthy sales also included artworks by Li Jikai, Chen Ping, Zhang Yu, Huang Yan, Kim Joon, Laurens Tan, Le Thanh Son, Min Wae Aung, Guerra de la Paz, and Dominic Rubio, to name a few.

"Our unprecedented success at Art Asia this year was bolstered by their strong fair program. As the opening gave way to the weekend, the cavalcade of distinguished collectors became denser and more active. Brisk residual business has continued on up through the holiday season, so the sun really has not yet set on Art Asia 2011's phenomenal success," commented Tally Beck of Tally Beck Contemporary.

Li Jikai, Burning Match. Acrylic on Canvas, 2010. Courtesy of Dialogue Space.

Fang Lijun, Untitled. Woodblock Print, 2010. Courtesy of Ethan Cohen Fine Arts and PACE Prints.

Chen Ping, The Book of Songs - Other Realities 5. Oil on Canvas, 2010. Courtesy of Tally Beck Contemporary.

Figures, landscapes, and other contemporary paintings
by Chen Ping (Ping Chen) of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Chen Ping (Ping Chen), Australian artist and Tasmanian artist, creating Chinese contemporary art in Hobart.