“No Escape ” – Installation 2001

Kelly’s Sculpture Garden
Salamanca Arts Centre
Feb 20 – Mar 15 2001

This piece is an attempt to create a tension in the space in order to reveal the impotence of individuals within their contemporary environments and the control of social forces.

The figure, the central piece of this work, is trying struggle herself beyond the physical container and is stuck by the force which is pulling her back. As the result, the rope, which is the symbol of the forces, brings tension into the space and has made the space become part of the work, and the figure, with her head and hands digging into the ground, has stretched the current space beyond.

Installation – “No Escape” Installation – “No Escape”
Installation – “No Escape” Installation – “No Escape”


Figures, landscapes, and other contemporary paintings
by Chen Ping (Ping Chen) of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Chen Ping (Ping Chen), Australian artist and Tasmanian artist, creating Chinese contemporary art in Hobart.